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Artist's Statement


We as a people come with distinctive experiences and stories. I believe our variances blend when we attach with an honest intent. Within society, we make connections, the more we connect, the broader our lives and the broader our communities. I feel antagonism towards one another is saturating our social order. I want to lift up, to join. My faith teaches to love your neighbor as yourself. Through my art I strive to relate to my neighbor as myself. I attempt to make a visual connection that conjures a memory, an association or an expansion of the familiar. Daily living and people are my muses be it in a man-made or natural setting. With an ever-expanding quest of, what can I glean from life, only the passage of time will reveal the answer.

Mid-fire stoneware painted with underglazes, gloss glaze and oxides are my media of choice. Hand building enables me to express my conceptions. I experiment with shape and color with an attention to playfulness, quirkiness, and the unexpected left turn. The ceramic and manufactured attachments on each piece I liken to the clothes people wear, they dress us up and define a particular mood or occasion.

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